How To Improve Your Marketing in 2 Minutes

Who are you more likely to trust?

Someone who is always there to help you, ready to give you their time and knowledge?

Or someone who is always there to take from you, trying to sell you or their “next big thing”?

If you’re like most people, then you’re much more likely to trust the first person.

Which is pretty ironic… Why?

Most companies are more like the second person rather than the first.

Before they try to build a relationship with you, they first try to sell you. On their product. On their solution. On their many different services.

They’re the company that runs all sorts of different advertisements to your Facebook and Instagram feed in hopes you’ll become a new customer.

In reality, those ads will only push you farther away.

Why is that?

These companies are trying to sell their product before they ever market themselves to you.

As a person or company, how do you avoid this?

How do you make sure that you market your product before ever selling your product?

It’s pretty simple. Check out these two things to keep in mind so you don’t fall into the trap that many other companies find themselves in.

1. Talk about what your product does, not what your product is

One mistake that many companies make is they talk about the specifics of their product, without sharing what their product does.

Let’s take running shoes for example. Would you be more interested in the shoe if the company told you about each specific part of the shoe, and how it was made?

Or would you be more interested in the shoe if someone told you about what it does, and how it could help you run faster and feel better the next day?

The answer should be simple.

2. Lead with Value

The other thing you should keep in mind is leading with value when marketing your company.

Too many companies go directly for the sell, without ever trying to build trust with a future customer.

The easiest way to build trust as a company is to share value that makes a difference in someone’s life.

If you’re a real estate agent looking to find new clients, don’t directly ask for new clients.Instead, make a blog post about the 10 things you should avoid when staging your house. If you’re a personal trainer, post to your Instagram about all the ways you can stay healthy over the holidays.

As you’re planning your company’s marketing strategy for 2019, keep these two points in mind! They’ll make a vast different in your company’s marketing, and you’ll see the impact overnight.

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